SESHA 2013 Symposium Abstract

SESHA Emergency Response Forum

Yturri, Jeanne; Visty, John; Allen, Craig; Burns, Dave
(Zephyr Environmental Corporation, Salus Engineering, SACHEM Inc., EORM)

In the nature of the “Accidents and Incidents” session that our SSA founders began 34 years ago, this audience-interactive session will include 4 brief presentations and an informal Q&A about various emergency preparedness and response topics. The panel’s moderator, Jeanne Yturri of Zephyr Environmental Corporation and The HazMat Academy, will present highlights of a paper that describes a Boron Trifluoride incident that occurred in Taiwan involving a copycat Emergency Response Containment Vessel (ERCV). The paper was prepared by Eugene Ngai, a globally-respected expert on emergency response for compressed gases and founder of Chemically Speaking, LLC. The “lessons learned” in this incident will be relevant to any Emergency Response Team (ERT) with an ERCV. Mr. John Visty, a Principal at Salus Engineering, will share insight on the evolution of process tools and equipment that now utilize elevated process temperatures and multiple incompatible chemicals at the same station within a tool. This advancement in process technology obviously presents the potential for new challenges and concerns. Dr. Craig Allen, Chief Technology Officer of SACHEM, Inc., will review their TMAH safety package and options to help reduce handling and exposure to TMAH including high purity alternatives for existing and new TMAH applications. Mr. Dave Burns, a Senior Consultant with EORM, will present a new approach for private industry performing an effective emergency response using a "Core" ERT supplemented by volunteers which maximizes use of resources, reduces business interruption, and ensures regulatory compliance.