SESHA Regions and Chapters

SESHA North America

SESHA members participate in a wide range of activities accross the U.S. where local chapters have been established. Local activities include:

Participation in SESHA region and chapter activities can assist you in staying up-to-date on new regulatory compliance issues, important accident/incident information, and can provide insight into possible solutions to many of the environmental, health and safety challenges present in the high technology industries.
For more information on SESHA's region/chapter program go to the SESHA Region/Chapter Toolbox. For more information on how you can get involved, please email the SESHA Headquarters.

SESHA Region / Chapter Lead BOD Rep Steve Trammell,
Membership Director for SESHA Heide Rohland, 703-790-1745,
New England Chapter President: Steve Roberge, Phone: 978-787-9889,

Co-Organizer: Dan Forsythe,

Co-Organizer: Beth Tshudy,

New York Capital Region Chapter Co-Organizer: Carol Markley,

Co-Organizer: Ernest Timlin,

Twin Cities Chapter President: Laurie Francis, Phone: 952-402-8178,

Texas Hill Country Chapter President: Bonnie Blam, Phone: 512-579-3817,

Activities/Historian: Brett Davis, Phone: 512-634-0742,

Treasurer: Mark Rankin, Phone: 512-933-6570,

North Texas Chapter President: Russell Hill,

Vice President: Matt Jones,

Treasurer: Tami Galloway,

Murray State University Chapter Student Chapter Advisor: David Kraemer, Phone: 270-809-6654,

Arizona Chapter President: Vicky Aviles, Phone: 602-437-3737,

Vice President: Jesse Gonzalez,

Rocky Mountain Chapter President: Troy McCuskey , Phone: 720-284-8089,

Past-President: Jamie Rubin, Phone: 970-288-4880,

Northern California Chapter Co-Organizer: Susan Creighton,

Co-Organizer: Sanjay Baliga, Phone: 408-943-9657,

Pacific Northwest Chapter President: Joy Marsalla,

Vice President: Monica Wright,

Treasurer (Sponsorship + Listserv): Rachael Cavanagh,

Communications Director (Newsletter): Vanessa Lanas Medina,

Communications Co-Director: Jennifer Politsch,